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December 3-7: Full-body anatomy at the Institute's California lab.This fun yet intensive class is open to everyone, and a unique opportunity for horse owners, trainers, riders, and breeders to get hands-on direct experience with real horse anatomy. With a practical emphasis throughout, anatomical parts and biomechanical concepts are taught in the context of real-life training, rehab, and therapy situations. All Dr. Deb's anatomy courses are directly applicable to equine dentistry and to a variety of massage and energy modalities. Those enrolled in the Equinology certification program will get full credit. For more information and to enroll, please call (707) 884-9963 or EMail office@equinology.com.

December 9-11: Our sparkling "skeleton class". Students spend intensive hands-on for three full days working with bones, in the process of helping Dr. Deb create a mounted skeleton that will actually be used as a classroom teaching aid. The skeleton of the horse is the primary focus, covering all bones, bone and tooth development, and joint pathology and function. Comparative material will also be featured (coyote, dog, bear, armadillo, deer, zebra, raccoon, cougar, etc.), because only through comparison does the student really come to appreciate the uniqueness and marvelous design of the horse. Those enrolled in Equinology certification programs can get credit toward their internships. For more information and to enroll, please call (707) 884-9963 or EMail office@equinology.com.

January 9-10, 2009: Horsemanship clinic in Big Sandy, Texas. Two full days of classroom and hands-on instruction from Dr. Deb. We'll go deeply into helping your horse to maintain inner peace, calm, and focus; 'Birdie' in theory and practice; straightness; collection; and various physical techniques. Instruction is delivered 50% in the classroom (PowerPoint presentations, unique movies, and real skeletal bones), and 50% hands-on from the ground and in the saddle. This is a rare opportunity to study with Dr. Deb 'live'. Questions on any horsemanship subject are welcome. All levels of riding and all breeds are welcome. This is not a colt-starting clinic; please plan on riding your best horse and bringing the knowledge home to your other horses. For more information and to enroll, please EMail Cheryl Dodgen cdnorte@earthlink.net.

April 14-18, 2009: Full-body anatomy in Tamworth, NSW, Australia. This fun yet intensive class is open to everyone; same description as for the California full-body anatomy (described above). Those enrolled in the Equinology certification program will get full credit for this class. For more information and to enroll, EMail Gary Purcell gpurcell@bigpond.com.

April 19-21 and 22-25: "Dentists' special" and "Farriers' special" anatomy classes in Tamworth, NSW, Australia. Head-and-neck and limb-and-foot classes designed specifically for each profession. These three-day hands-on intensives represent a unique opportunity to look at many anatomical details and get your important questions answered by an expert. To enroll, EMail Gary Purcell gpurcell@bigpond.com.

April 26-May 1: Horsemanship clinics in the Canberra and Adelaide areas....exact dates and locations TBA

May 3-10: Horsemanship clinics and "Equine Dentistry Knowledge for Horse Owners" seminars in New Zealand. Exact dates and locations TBA. If interested please contact Jenny Paterson horsemanshipnz@xtra.co.nz.

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