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Anatomy of Bitting DVD set


"The Anatomy of Bitting" -- an 8-hour mini-course on DVD. You get four disks plus a study-guide booklet. Everything you need to know about how bits work, and how to select and fit a bit for your horse. Click on the "Learning on DVD" button at right.

"Conformation Biomechanics" -- Now you can get visual clarity on all the major points of conformation. 4-DVD box set covering topline, underline, neck, shoulder, back, haunches, limbs, and hoofs. Goes with Dr. Debs long-running conformation column in Equus Magazine and updates her "Principles of Conformation" books. For more, click on the "Learning on DVD" button at right.

FREE Downloads at E.S.I. Knowledge Base -- "On Fostering Long Life" talks about the relationship between the owner and the horse that is getting on in years. How do you prepare for their inevitable demise? What's most important in the care of an older horse?

Another New Download: "The Ring of Muscles" revisits Dr. Debs original research into the anatomical basis for roundness and collection. New illustrations clearly convey the biomechanics. This is a must-read and companion to "Lessons from Woody" and "True Collection". FREE at "Knowledege Base".

And an Old Favorite Reappears: "The Evolution of the Horse" in an expanded and upgraded version that takes you on a tour of the world's greatest Natural History museums, in quest of the horse and its living and fossil relatives. FREE click on "Knowledge Base"

Don't Miss Vindolanda: Dr. Deb's destination every year -- a fascinating Roman fort in England. You can visit and you can even become a dig volunteer, sharing in making the exciting discoveries! Go to Knowledge Base, then click on the Vindolanda button -- two PDF's tell all about it. FREE

You Can Buy a Skeleton from Us: Greatest teaching tool ever for riding instructors, equine bodyworkers, equine dentists, veterinarians, and schools! See button at right.

For Associate Members Only: As your membership benefit, now you can elect either Set No. 1 or Set No. 2 in Dr. Deb's new Audio Lessons series. We recommend starting with the first one! Our membership dues remain just $25 per year. For more information, please click on the "Audio Lessons" button at right.



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