Dr. Deb and Painty Horse on Circus Drum
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True Collection by Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
The Ring of Muscles by Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
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Essential Reading for All Riders

This section of the ESI Website is intended to grow as readings are added yearly. The central theme is the "natural history" of rider and horse. This takes in anatomy and biomechanics (both human and equine), zoogeography, evolutionary history, and developmental biology.

Many of these papers serve as handouts (background reading) for Dr. Deb's horsemanship clinics. It isn't enough just to learn riding techniques; good riders also seek to understand everything about horses. Why do we use the aids we use? What is crookedness and how can I help my horse to move straight? When is a horse physically mature? How can I help my horse to have a long and happy life?

All the information in this section is offered free of charge. Papers are organized as PDF documents which you may freely download for personal use. There are 10 titles to choose from; some titles rotate from time to time. Just click on the appropriate button (either to left or right).

Photo at left: Dr. Deb and her old friend Painty Horse in a cadenced collected trot. Note how straight Painty is moving, and the look of focus and concentration on his face, the relaxed expression of the ears, mouth, and nostrils, along with the power and elasticity of the movement. How do horses do this? Does it change anything when the rider climbs on the horse's back?

Below: A herd of Przewalski horses at Monarto Zoo in South Australia. How has mankind changed the horse over the centuries since its domestication?

Dr. Deb and Painty Horse in Collected Trot



Przewalski horse herd at Monarto Zoo

Mammalian Species: Equus caballus
The Evolution of the Horse: Horse Evolution
Origin of Mustang, Barb, and Arabian Horses
Skeletal Maturation in Horses: The Ranger Piece
Who's Built Best to Ride: Human Anatomy in the Saddle
Caring for Your Older Horse
Anatomy and Horsemanship Reading List
Vindolanda: CSI at an Ancient Roman Fort