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We include this page because once people start noticing all the little details that are incorporated into the logo, many ask what the meaning of the symbols and images might be.

The basic design is a modification of the frontspiece of a 17th-century masterwork on horsemanship written by Englishman William Cavendish, the Duke of Newcastle. Cavendish was a Royalist and during the reign of James I, lived in exile in the Netherlands. There he founded a School of Liberal Arts. His pupils were all sons of nobility who had already had their introductory schooling in the Trivium (Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic), so that they enrolled in Cavendish's school  to complete their education with the Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music). Horsemanship was considered to be a manifestation of all four parts of the Quadrivium and essential, in any case, to the education of a gentleman. Cavendish loved fast horses and, besides his expertise with High Schooled horses in the manege, often went deer-coursing and also jockeyed his own mounts in the quarter-mile sprint races which were the norm in his day. His most famous pupil (and lifelong friend) became King Charles II, who ascended the throne after the restoration of the English monarchy.

We hope that our logo rightly builds on Cavendish's legacy by reflecting a master horseman's interest in all aspects of the horse's life, from the physical to the spiritual. Our motto is "FOSTERING HIGHER EDUCATION IN HORSEMANSHIP".

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