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I ask everyone who intends to enroll, or who has actually enrolled, in any of my clinics, classes, or seminars to read the three papers posted on this page. This would include both riders and spectators at Horsemanship Improvement Clinics, Anatomy Classes and Intensives, and even if you intend to just sit in the audience to hear me speak at a Horse Expo or State Fair event somewhere. Of course anybody who visits this website is welcome to read them; they are free downloads in .pdf format.

When you click on a button below, the document will instantly download to your computer. When the "loading bar" in your browser indicates that download is complete, simply click on the link it provides. Acrobat Reader should boot automatically in response.

To read these .pdf documents you must have Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher already installed on your computer. Newer computers universally come with Reader already installed, but if you don't happen to have it, you can get Reader for free by going to and clicking on the "free download" link


Bennett, Deb. 2002. Lessons from Woody: The anatomy of straightness and physical techniques for straightening your horse.


It is crucial to realize that no horse can achieve the posture of collection with ease until and unless he has first been taught to carry himself and his rider straight.


Bennett, Deb. 2002. True collection: Deeper thoughts and more subtle means of teaching your horse to carry himself and you straight and "round".


Bennett, Deb. 2002. The 'Ring of Muscles': Anatomy and biomechanics of the active and passive anatomical systems in the horse's body that make it possible for him to collect under saddle.



1. Boone, J. Allen. Orig. publ. 1922. Kinship With All Life. This short, poignant book is the tale of how an ordinary human learned to learn from a very special dog. The lessons for our horsemanship students are equally clear.

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2. Herrigel, Eugen. Orig. publ. 1948. Zen in the Art of Archery. Although this book is about traditional Japanese archery, Herrigel, the student-protagonist, goes through all the same difficulties as do students of horsemanship. Plus the underlying philosophy, which teaches the student not to be much concerned with externals, to love practice for its own sake, and to value the horse for itself and not just as a mere vehicle to prizewinning, is identical to our own.

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